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Home Additions in Staten Island, New York

Home additions add value, beauty, and living space to your home. No matter the reason you need more living space, let Kathy's Kapers General Contractors, LLC in Staten Island, New York, handle all of your home additions. As a general contractor, we offer a wide selection of home remodeling options.
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Home Additions

When you are thinking of adding on to your home, give the best home addition contractor in Staten Island a call. We raise roofs, extend rooms, and install dormers to homes.

We will keep you informed throughout the entire process. We will answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.

Doing the Research

Permits may be required to convert a garage into a living room or to add a room to your home. The same may be true of basement and attic renovations. We work with the building department and architects, and advise you on all aspects of your home additions.

Violation Removal

You may have discovered that some of the projects done in your home have violations or were done without permits. This is usually determined after a home inspection has been performed at the time you are selling your home. We can help you remedy the situation to make sure everything meets building code.

Decks & Porches in Staten Island, New York

Invite us to your home, let us inspect your existing porch or deck, and we'll create a new design with you. We discover the history of the property and the status of the permits involved.

From complete rebuilding of a deck to restoring existing porches and ornate moldings, we have the knowledge and skill to help you. We recommend architects to consult with on all new porch-building projects, and we ensure everything is up to code.
Contact us in Staten Island, and make room for everyone in your family thanks to our home additions.